About Me

It is important for you to understand my personal design philosophy and viewpoint before you hire me for Decor Plans or Project Management. There are many different design styles out there, and the ones I inherently relate to, are the ones I do best. There are thousands of designers out there with all different viewpoints, and often the best results come when those of the client and designer are the same.

My Style

My Style can be describled as  New Traditional. 

This style respects the tried and true elements of traditional design;  symmetry, formality, and a classic mix of patterns in textiles such as rugs, drapes and pillows. However, it is updated with infusions of modern elements such as simpler furniture lines, modern textiles such as geometrics and ikats, and unexpected materials or objects to create tension and interest.

This is not your grandmother’s style! The goal is to create an elegant look that is fresh, young, and easy to live with – for the whole family.

The Fundamentals

There are things that I believe are essential to any good room. If you look at my Design Basics page, I have outlined them there. Below are examples of rooms that show one or more of these elements in a successful way. They are very good examples of how I decorate.

Living Room Design

Fresh & Classic

This room is a great example of successfully mixing colour and pattern. The room carries a lot of interest, and is elegant yet inviting – not at all stuffy. Often, when I show clients elements like this individually (a teal rug, citrine ottoman, patterned pillows and drapes) 95% of them run for the hills and fear its way too much and will look tacky. They can’t see it all together.

This picture proves that will the right balance of light, neutrals and mix of material, you can have many fabrics and colours in a room, as long as they relate to each other.

Modern Monocromatic

I still have a hard time convincing people that you can mix 3-5 colours in a room. However, if you want monochromatic, let’s do it in an interesting way. Grey has been used as the foundation of the room, from light creamy grey to dark charcoal. The sheer variety of shades is critical to the success of this room. But here’s the twist. Introduce 1 more colour, in a variety of its shades, to get that interest the room would otherwise be lacking. Pick your absolute favourite colour, no matter how bright or bold, and use it sparingly and strategically. This is how I do “monocromatic”.

Bedroom Decorating


Your Windows Are Naked!!

I know many of you out there love your California shutters. For the amount I see I really wish I had invested in a company that manufactures them. They are simple,they give you privacy, they are very practical. I liken them to support undergarments (granny panties) that help make your dress look seamless and fabulous. Shutters and blinds do practical things, but it’s the drapes that make the statement. In 99.9% of cases I will tell you that you need drapery and very likely in some kind of colour and/or pattern.

A window without fabric is a lost opportunity to tell your story, make a style statement and add layers of interest to your room. If you want your room decorated it should be because you want to express your personality, and fabrics help to do this.

And finally, often clients come to me because they know their room looks flat or dull, but just can’t figure out why. They might even have drapes in a wonderful shade of griege or khaki that almost perfectly matches their wall colour; isn’t this right? While it’s not wrong, it’s certainly a missed opportunity. You are not beige, or griege or khaki. You have layers of interest and personality and it’s my job to give you the courage to show it off.


Let’s Get Started!

If you find that your design goals are in line with my style, take a look at my online and in person design and staging services to see how I can help you. I welcome your call or email to ask a question or start the process.

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