In-Person Services

I have broken my services into 2 phases, because some services suit people who confidently make decisions very independantly, but for the majority of people, they will get better results with ongoing advice.

Specifically, I see the Room Doctor service as a great opportunity to meet, see how we communicate together, get some great brainstorming ideas and to give you a solid direction. But after I’ve seen the space,  the hardest thing in the world is to deliver you a summary report and ask you to fully implement all these ideas on your own. Often the reason you need help in the first place is to get advice on how to filter down choices and make the best decisions.

I find far greater success when you get a little more guidance with the actual decision making. What truly makes a custom look is the layers of detail in the finishes, and this is exactly what most people shy away from. With my follow up services, we have the opportunity to meet again, after you have done all your sourcing based on my suggestions, so we can finalize all the little decisions. Fabric and Tile are the most popular “dilemmas”, but we can tailor it to your personal needs, such as Artwork & Accessories, an entire Kitchen Makeover, etc.


Initial Consultation Services: 

Paint Colour Consultations    ~    $199 (rooms unlimited)

Room Doctor: Ask Me Anything    ~    $ 275 (for up to 2 hours)

Interior Decor Plan ~ $549 (for 1 to 2 rooms)


Follow Up Services:

Creating the Fabric & Paint Story ~ $325

Creating the Tile & Paint Story ~ $375