Creating the Fabric & Paint Story

This Fabric & Paint service involves my knowledge on how to use and mix fabric for a 100% unique design. I tell all my clients the same thing. It’s the layering of fabrics that make a room feel custom, and if you don’t inject your own personality through pillows, drapery and other textiles, the room will fall far short of its true potential to express you and your style.

After we meet for my Room Doctor Service, I will send you a wide sampling of fabrics for you to see what grabs you. I will instruct you on how many plain and patterned/textured fabrics you should get samples of. (hint: MANY, MANY MANY) Quite often I also suggest my clients to order affordable, semi-custom accent chairs and sofas. This is another trick to help give a custom look.  These require a choice of fabrics as well, however the options are usually determined by the manufacturer.

I will meet with you to review your many, many fabric samples to help decide what combination will work best for pillows, drapery, chairs, headboards, etc. I will do any necessary measurements to ensure you order enough fabric, and guide you on pillow sizes, trim and finishing details. I can also connect you with a local seamstress, or we can discuss hiring me to manage the project if you prefer.

And now, we can FINALLY pick paint colours after your fabrics have been all chosen. Absolutely resist any desire to pick paint before this moment. It is the easiest thing to choose after everything else has been finalized.

This is how you get a custom look for the best price. My favourite quote from Charles Eames:

“The details are not the details, they are the design”



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