Creating a Tile & Paint Story

The Tile & Paint Service involves my knowledge on how to mix tiles in an interesting way, that will be elegant and classic for many years to come. Tile can be a scary thing. Though its wonderful that there are thousands of options to choose from, often it becomes too overwhelming to make the final decisions. I am on a personal mission to eliminate all of the builder grade, unimaginative 12×12 grids of tile in this world. Though I do believe that trends are not for fixed elements, they also need not be boring.

After we meet for my Room Doctor Service, I then have a good idea of the elements of the room we are working with. I will send you some samples of options to see what grabs you. We will meet at a tile store to go through all of the options and narrow it down to 1 or 2 looks. Then we can bring samples back to your home and see them in place to make the final choice.

I often act as a mediator between spouses, since rarely do both people have the same style. It is my job to create a look that satisfies both of your aesthetic while yes, making the right compromises that don’t compromise the look.

And FINALLY, we can pick paint colours after your tiles have been chosen. Absolutely resist any desire to pick paint before this moment, because it is always the last thing you should choose.

This is how you get a custom, unique look for the best price. My favourite quote from Charles Eames:

“The details are not the details, they are the design”


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