Home Staging Consultation

I go to the home and make a detailed, room by room plan to help the home owner stage their home as simply and stress-free as possible. I speak with the home owner to understand their current budget and abilities and then tailor my plan to what I think is feasible for them to carry out. HOME STAGING REPORT – SAMPLE

This is not decorating. Budget is always tight. I never recommend that the home owner spend any money that will not dramatically increase the home’s appeal. I often suggest many, many little things, that when you add them up, the impact is exponential. If you complete 80% of my recommendations instead of 50%, it is not 30% better, but 300% better. Staging is in all the little details.


Note For Realtors

I work for you. I believe it is important to develop rapport and trust with your clients, so that we can all work together. Staging is but one portion of your overall marketing plan and I respect my role, to ensure your clients are happy and excited to work towards the sale of their home.


Let’s Get Started!

I understand the urgency of listings and moving quickly. Many times realtors request my services for the next day or asap, and I try my best to accommodate this.

If you need the quickest response, please text or email me your request. I am often in meetings at all times of the day, so I am able to provide the fastest response in this manner.

Text (cell): 416-569-5401

Email: Stephanie@stylebystephanie.ca

For new clients, payment is required via interac transfer before the consultation is conducted.


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