Decor Plan (1-2 Rooms)

This plan is meant to be used as inspiration and guidance based on the principles of design. Based on detailed plans and images, you do the actual product sourcing, having the rules for your room firmly in mind. You are free to substitute in and out similar items that you find locally. As long as they follow the basic principles of the plan, they will work beautifully.

The Meeting

I will come to your house, take measurements and photos of your current space. I will ask you many questions about your style, what you like and don’t like about the room, what functions it needs to have, and so on. The meeting takes between 1 and 2 hours.

You Will Receive:

  1. Inspiration Board
  2. Floor Plans (as per submitted measurements)
  3. Product Suggestions (furniture, fabric, rugs, window treatments, etc)
  4. Paint & Fabric Recommendations
  5. Product Source List (I use on-line sources but you can also find in many stores to see in person. Use the list and suggestions as a guide)
  6. 1 Alteration after Completion (in case something in the plan isn’t quite right)


There is some variation based on your individual needs. Payment is required before the report is commenced. $549 for up to 2 rooms.


Click on the Link to see a Recent Report: Cliff Road


Let’s Get Started!

Contact me to let me know you want a Decor Plan, I work anywhere in the GTA. We can then set a date that will work for everyone and I will send you payment instructions. You will receive your report within 10 business days of the meeting.