The Power of Colour

Most people greatly underestimate the impact of colour in their lives. With my extensive knowledge of colour theory, I can show you how to use colour to meet your goals, whether it is to create feelings of space, cosiness,  elegance, harmony, energy, and so on. Whether you are living in your home or planning to sell, paint is by far the cheapest & most effective way to create beautiful rooms.


Paint Colour Consultation – For Living

I will work with you to create a colour story that is perfectly suited for you and your home. Colour creates the biggest impact in your home as all colours evoke specific moods, feelings and associations for people. With my knowledge of colour theory & how different colours interact with each other, I can give you options that will create the mood and feel you want. Many factors such as lighting, existing fittings & fixtures, and your furniture will all factor into what tones & shades will work for your home. If you look at the 1000 colours in a paint deck and don’t know where to begin, this is a great option for you. 


Paint Colour Consultation – For Selling

Paint is a seller’s best friend; it instantly covers the scratched walls & dingy baseboards that every home acquires over time. A fresh coat of paint signals pride of ownership, and shows buyers your home is move-in ready. Paint can reduce any lingering odours and will make your home feel crisp and fresh. If you do nothing else to prepare your home for sale, you must give your walls and trim a coat of paint.

The last part of this equation is to ensure that you choose the most effective colour. It’s not as simple as choosing white or beige, as they are often very bland a do nothing to create a positive emotional reaction from buyers.  I can also show you how colour can downplay a negative feature you don’t want buyers to notice or how colour can highlight a feature you want buyers to fall in love with. My extensive knowledge of colour theory and my list of tried and true staging shades will give you the edge you need! 


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