Room Doctor: Ask Me Anything

For most people, hiring a design professional is a confusing and mysterious process. How much will it cost? What will I get? I want to know I like you before I commit to anything! I can do the legwork to save money but I don’t know where to go or what to ask…..and so on……

I have created the Room Doctor Service for exactly this purpose. You know the fixed cost, we can get to know each other and ensure we are on the same page with your design goals. I will give you advice and direction on any and every question you have about your home and educate you on the basics of good design. Its the first step to ensuring I put you on track towards the look you are after.

I will also give you a summary report to keep you inspired and steer you in the right direction when sourcing products.  You can move at your own pace without feeling overly committed.

Follow Up Services are for after you’ve done the legwork, pulled the samples, have a pile of tile or fabric sitting in front of you and… what? How do I coordinate these? What goes where? What is just enough and what is too much???? See my services Creating a Fabric Story and Creating a Tile Story if you know you need some hands on help making those final coordinating decisions.

If you are extremely confident in your ability to make all the decisions on fabrics and finishes after being given a much more detailed design plan, I would recommend the Interior Decor Plan Service.


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