If you Want what You’ve Never had,

You Have to Do what You’ve Never done.

Do you have a bland room, not because it reflects your tastes  but because you’re not sure how to use colour or pattern properly? You want a room worthy of the magazines but can’t quite get the look yourself? Without a master plan and a good inspiration, you will continually make choices that are safe and comfortable for you, though they don’t lead you to that room of your dreams.

Below is a list of items that are critical to a successful room. It is my job to push your forward by breaking through your comfort zone. Many people omit some of these factors from their room because they are too afraid to make the wrong decision. With my guidance, all you need is a little courage and willingness to try.


Before pretty, it needs to work. You must have the furniture required to do what needs to be done, as well as eliminate unnecessary pieces.

Flow & Floor Plan:

Furniture needs to be arranged to assist with the function of the room and allow for proper flow. Too much, too little, or improperly placed furniture impacts the quality of design.

Scale, Proportion & Balance

The human eye is a picky observer. Have you ever felt that something was not quite right, but you couldn’t put your finger on what’s wrong? I can guarantee that the scale, proportion or balance of the room was off.


My design philosophy is that colour is a must. If you want 1 colour (monochromatic) you must use different shades of the colour to create interest. And even still, every room needs a pop of colour, even if it’s just in the art.

Texture & Pattern

All rooms require a mix of different textures and patterns; these could be quite subtle or very bold. So for all of you with sofa sets with the matching ottoman, guess what I’m going to say about that…..


To appreciate anything, it is best viewed against its opposite. Like Ying and Yang, together they create interest. If there is no contrast in colour and/or texture and/or shapes, your room will fall flat.


Art is how you tell people who you are. It is extremely personal and is what provides the room with your personal touch. Art can be purchased at every price point, whether its posters, black & white prints, decorative canvasses or one of a kind pieces. Whatever your budget, you must have art to make it personal.


Let’s Get Started!

If you find that your design goals are in line with my style, take a look at my online and in person design and staging services to see how I can help you. I welcome your call or email to ask a question or start the process.

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